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Sound Hire Worcestershire

What GK Audio do

We have 50 years combined experience in live sound systems and professional audio electronics design practice, from engineering head-line acts at Glastonbury music festivals to designing leading world-class professional audio equipment.
At GK Audio, we use our knowledge to bring exceptional audio quality to many types of events.

GK Audio has a passion for high fidelity, we only use the finest quality equipment, from the leading manufacturers of amplifiers, processing, microphones and loudspeaker enclosures.

GK Audio are friendly, professional, punctual, courteous and smart. We are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in the West Midlands and provide exceptional quality and service; we like to work with our clients to make sure we provide what is expected!


GK Audio can accommodate for a wide range of live events, from bands and solo artists, theatre shows and plays, comedy and presentations... Small, medium or large audiences!

Complete Audio Solutions
PA Hire Kidderminster

GK Audio can supply all the sound equipment you need.
Simply let us know what your event is and we'll bring the relevant audio equipment, set it up for you, engineer the event and then take it away when your event is over, giving you complete peace of mind!


Audio Setups

GK Audio can provide a variety of professional sound equipment to hire for your show. For example, if you have a DJ or performance and wish to use the equipment yourself, we can do this and we leave a GK Audio engineer on-site if you need anything.

Dry Hire

GK Audio has an inventory of high quality audio sound equipment for hire, from loudspeakers to microphones, DJ CD decks to high quality headphones.

Let us know what you need and for how long, and GK Audio will let you know what to do next.

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